Every year, Girl Scouts sell millions of boxes of delectable Girl Scout Cookies to raise funds. But what happens before the Girl Scouts deliver those cookies to your door, or sell them in your community. Baking cookies is a fascinating process, especially on the scale it takes to satisfy America’s cravings for Girl Scout Cookies. Ready for a tour? Watch the Bakery Tour Video or click through the steps below.
Yes, please. I'll take two.

Thousands of cookies pass through 300-foot-long ovens on conveyors. The oven has several sections, each with separate temperature controls, to provide just the right end product. If you look through the oven window, you can see the dough baking, and the sweet aroma of fresh-baked goodies fills the air. But it's really hot in this part of the bakery.

Once you reach the end of the oven, things cool off. The cookies wind around on conveyors while they gradually cool down. Some types of cookies, especially the chocolate-covered ones, go through cooling tunnels to help them set up before being packaged.

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