Every year, Girl Scouts sell millions of boxes of delectable Girl Scout Cookies to raise funds. But what happens before the Girl Scouts deliver those cookies to your door, or sell them in your community. Baking cookies is a fascinating process, especially on the scale it takes to satisfy America’s cravings for Girl Scout Cookies. Ready for a tour? Watch the Bakery Tour Video or click through the steps below.
Things Begin to Take Shape.

Automatic scales feed directly into the mixers, weighing out flour, liquid shortenings, sweeteners and water on the way. Employees weigh smaller amounts of ingredients individually, using small scales, and add them to the mixers by hand. We use a variety of mixers for all different kinds of dough -- some hold up to 2400 pounds of flour.

After mixing, huge batches of cookie dough are fed into hoppers on the forming line, where the machinery can be pretty loud. Here, the dough is transformed into individual cookie pieces and transferred to the oven conveyor belt. Before being baked, some cookies get a final pre-oven touch to enhance their flavor, color or look.

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