Being healthy and being fit is not a short-term goal. It is a lifestyle of choices. Once you learn the basics, you will want to commit to a lifetime of making positive choices for health and fitness.
  • In troop meetings, discuss ways you can make eating healthy part of a lifetime goal.
  • Look up different Try-Its, Badges or Interest Projects related to sports that you can play your whole life.
  • Learn to cook healthy recipes for different seasons.
  • Explore careers in health and fitness. Look up references in your Girl Scout Handbook.
  • Discuss different hobbies that can help you stay fit for life. See if there are introductions to those hobbies in your Girl Scout Handbooks.
Be sure to share the health and fitness information you have learned with others. It is never too late to start adding healthy eating or learning new fitness activities. Here are some ways you and/or your troop can share some of your health and fitness information. Brainstorm and come up with some new ideas of your own.
  • Teach the stretching routines from your Girl Scout Handbooks to your family and your classmates.
  • Make a food pyramid for your cookie booth and explain it to customers.
  • Make a food label poster for your cookie booth and explain it to your customers.
  • Create a community hike. Use some of the hike ideas on this Web site under group activities.
  • Make posters for a community health fair or volunteer to work at a health fair. Check your community calendar(s) for existing health fairs and volunteer to get involved.
  • Invite college athletes to talk about fitness at your school.
  • Put health and fitness suggestions in your school paper.
Earn your Fit For Life certificate by commiting to participate in at least three activities.

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