Ask your parents to walk you and your troop members to and from your Girl Scout meetings instead of driving. Walking is a great way to exercise and it can help you get in shape for selling and delivering cookies.
Map out where you are going to sell cookies and calculate how many miles you will walk when you sell and deliver.
Read the nutrient labels on your order card or the cookie packages. Which cookie has the least calories per serving? Which cookies are high in protein?
Offer to help your troop cookie manager arrange cases of cookies when she gets her delivery. Moving cases of cookies is great exercise and you can be a big help.
Walk when you sell Girl Scout Cookies. Leave the car at home. Still go with an adult, but get them to walk with you.
Take a wagon with you to deliver cookies. Pulling helps make you strong.
Wash your hands often, especially after handling money.
Keep your clothes clean and dry. If your clothes get wet selling or delivering cookies, don't put wet clothes in the back of your closet or at the bottom of the hamper. Mold, a kind of fungus, can grow on wet clothing.
Drink from your own glass, can or bottle. Germs can be passed from one person to another.
Talk about how you feel about selling cookies at your troop meeting.
Practice selling to your friends and family first. Practice will make you feel better about selling.
Plan what you are going to wear when you sell and what you are going to say.
Talk to your troop about how good it feels to make a sale.
Sometimes people will say they do not want to buy Girl Scout Cookies. Although it may make you feel sad, it does not mean they don't like you. It just means they do not want to buy any cookies. Thank them anyway and go on to the next customer.
Talk to your troop about how it feels when someone does not want to buy.
Talk with your troop about what to do when you get nervous.
Sing, run, and jump up and down between sales to relieve your stress.
Think of new ways to sell cookies and discuss them with your troop. Talk about everyone's ideas and how you can put them into action.
Set aside some time at each troop meeting to discuss problems. Talk about what the problem is and have everyone give ideas to solve the problem. See how quickly you can solve problems as a group.
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