Cookie Sales and Safety

All Grade Levels

GSUSA Cookie Sale Activity GuideGSUSA Cookie Sale Activity Guide - Information and activities distributed through your council or available from the GSUSA Web Site at:

Internet Safety Pledge – Important information for all girls at:

Cookie Sale Activity Pin – Recognition for all grade levels.  Description available only in Cookie Sale Activity Guide from GSUSA.

Program Standard Money Earning Activities - GSUSA (2000) “Standard 29 Group Money-Earning Activities” Safety Wise (74).

Program Standard Council-Sponsored  Product Sale Activities - GSUSA (2000) “Standard 30 Council-Sponsored Product Sale Activities” Safety Wise (75).

Program Standard Council Fund-Raising – GSUSA (2000) “Standard 32 Council Fund-Raising” Safety Wise (76).

GSUSA Web Site at:

Brownie Girl Scouts

Staying Safe - Staying safe at home and in public including not giving out personal information are covered in this program section.  Brownie girls will really benefit from this program information before selling cookies.

GSUSA (2000) “Staying Safe”. Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (62-65).


Troop Money – Introduction to troop money and the cookie sale.  Planning activities and money making projects are introduced.

GSUSA (2000) “Troop Money” . Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (39-42).

Cookies Count Try-It – General safety information, setting goals, manners, and how to have fun while selling cookies are all part of the activities for this Try-It.

Girl Scouts of the USA (2000) “Cookies Count”.  Try-Its For Brownie Girl Scouts (12).

Or online at the GSUSA Web Site at

Smart Cookie Try-It – Creating a business portfolio, creating a plan for selling, making a sales pitch and safety are all part of this cookie Try-It.

Girl Scouts of the USA Web-Site Link

Safety Sense Try-It – Street safety and other general safety information for Brownies is covered in this Try-It.  It is good information for girls to have before they begin selling.

Girl Scouts of the USA (2000) “Safety Sense”. Try-Its For Brownie Girl Scouts (50-51).

Junior Girl Scouts

Making Money – Selling Girl Scout Cookies, the rules of selling and smart ways to sell are covered in detail in this program section.  Other money-making projects are also listed.

GSUSA (2001) “Making Money”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (28).

A Safety Game – A game for juniors that teaches general safety in many different types of situations.  Good for girls to learn before selling.

GSUSA (2001) “A Safety Game” Junior Girl Scout Handbook (78-79).

The Cookie Connection Badge – Ways to sell cookies, cookie know-how, knowing how to deal with the public, making cookie sales count, safe sales and more are part of this badge program.

Girl Scouts of the USA (2007) “The Cookie Connection”.  Junior Girl Scout Badgebook (8).

New Junior Cookie Biz Badge - Girl Scouts of the USA Web Site Link

Girl Scouts 11-17

Cookies & Dough - Girl Scouts of the USA (1997) “Cookies and Dough”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (22).

Planning, Money Management and Business

All Grade Levels

Group Planning and Budgeting – Adult information about the planning process, girl/adult partnership, budget planning, handling group finances and sample budget reports are available.  GUSA (2000) “Group Planning and Budgeting”. Safety Wise (22-29).

Brownie Girl Scouts

Troop Money – Introduction to troop money and the cookie sale.  Planning activities and money making projects are introduced.

GSUSA (2000) “Troop Money” . Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (39-42).

Decision-Making – Girl information about how to make your own decisions. GSUSA (2000) “Decision-Making”. Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (56).

Follow the Leader – Girl activity to learn to make her own decisions.

GSUSA (2000) “Follow the Leader” Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (57).

What Are Your Interests? – Choosing hobbies and matching hobbies to careers.

GSUSA (2000) “What Are Your Interests? – Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (58).

Careers Try-It – Writing an autobiography, future jobs, career charades, learning how to handle money and women owning businesses are the activities included in this Brownie Try-It.

GSUSA (2000) “Careers”. Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts (22-23).

Penny Power Try-It – Writing a plan for using the money earned for the cookie sale, visiting a bank, learning about money, tracking how much money you use each week is all part of this Brownie Try-It.

GSUSA (2000) “Penny Power”. Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts (48-49).

Point, Click, and Go Try-It – Learning how to use a computer is fun.  And this Brownie Try-It will get Brownie Girl Scouts ready to use the ABC Web site including the girl goal-setting activity for girls.

GSUSA (2000) “Point, Click, and Go” Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts (162-163).

Junior Girl Scouts

Managing Money – Money-earning projects, troop/group dues, keeping track of money, and creating a troop budget are all referenced in this Junior Girl Scout program section.

GSUSA (2001) “Managing Money”.  Junior Girl Scout Handbook (26-27).

Create a Budget – The purpose of a budget and how to save for something you want as well as a sample weekly saving plan are part of this section.

GSUSA (2001) “Create a Budget”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (30).

How Computer-wise Are You? – Basic computer lingo and computer games are included in this Explore and Discover program section.  It is a great into for Junior girls planning to use the ABC Web site.

GSUSA (2001) “How Computer-wise Are You?”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (180-181).

Getting Connected – This program section is a self test for computer literacy.

GSUSA (2001) “Getting Connected”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (182).

Online Safety Pledge – Important online safety information for Junior grade-level girls.

GSUSA (2001) “Online Safety Pledge”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (183).

style="font-family:Arial">Business-Wise Badge – Girls can learn what it takes to create and run a small business as they earn this Junior Girl Scout Badge.

GSUSA (2001) “Business-Wise”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (10-11).

Money Sense Badge – Girls learn about earning, saving and spending.  The activities in this badge will help girls get the most out of the money they have both now and in the future.

GSUSA (2001) “Money Sense”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (22-23).

Discovering Technology Badge- Do some exploring into the past and future of the science of the way things work with your Junior Girl Scouts.  It is a great way to prepare for using the ABC Web site or as a follow up to using the Web site after cookie sales.

GSUSA (2001) “Discovering Technology”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (148-149).

Computer Fun Badge – Explore and discover the basics of computers including basic operations, illustrations and design, fun and games, reviewing products, and interviewing people who use computers on their jobs.

Girl Scouts of the USA (2001) “Computer Fun”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (182-183).

Girl Scouts 11-17

Dollars and Sense Interest Project- GSUSA (1997) “Dollars and Sense”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (24).

Your Own Business Interest Project- GSUSA (1997) “Your Own Business”.  Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (46).

Computers in Everyday Life Interest Project – GSUSA (1997) “Computers in Everyday Life”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (86-87).


Exploring the Net Interest Project – GSUSA (1997) “Exploring the Net”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (92-93).

Cadette Girl Scouts

Budgeting – Girls learn the basics of preparing a budges including resources with a breakdown of continuing program, flexible program and special events.

GSUSA (1995) “Budgeting”. Cadette Girl Scout Handbook (44).

Got Money? Focus Saving & Investing – Studio 2B program booklet for older girls covers many different aspects of money including saving, banking, setting goals, stocks, choosing strategies, reading pay stubs and bank statements.

GSUSA (2003).

Mind Your Own Business – Studio 2B program booklet for older girls introduces girls to the idea and reality of being their own boss.  It is an overview of being an entrepreneur.

GSUSA (2003).

Senior Girl Scouts

Money Management – Suggestions for a series of “finance clinics” for senior Girl Scouts are covered in this program section including cash buying and credit buying, taxes, and investments.

GSUSA (1995) “Money Management”. A Resource Book for Senior Girl Scouts


Healthy Lifestyles

Brownie Girl Scouts

What’s Next? and Moving Parts – Girls learn the basics of keeping their body and mind healthy and fit.

GSUSA (2000) “What’s Next”. Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (46).

Sports Safety Tips – This Brownie program information covers the basics for playing any type of sports including stretching, wearing the right shoes, using the right gear and always exercising with a partner.

GSUSA (2000) “Sports Safety Tips”. Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (47).

Eat Right! – The food pyramid, servings and an activity to track what girls ate compare it to the food pyramid are covered in this program.  It also has a recipe for the “Food Pyramid Part Mix” snack for girls to make.

GSUSA (2000) “Eat Right”. Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (48-49).

Be a Germ Fighter – The basics of hygiene and washing are part of this program section.

GSUSA (2000) “Be a Germ Fighter”. Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (50).

The Great Coverup – This paper doll activity for Brownies teaches girls how clothes keep them warm, dry and safe.  It also introduces girls to clothing as a way to express themselves.

GSUSA (2000) “The Great Coverup”. Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (50-53).

Decision-Making -  An introduction to decision-making, this section contains examples of troop discussions or role playing for girls to learn about mental health.

GSUSA (2000) “Decision-Making” Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (56).

How Do You Feel About That? – What are feelings, learning to understand your own feelings and ideas about how to express your feelings are part of this program.

GSUSA (2000) “How Do You Feel About That?” . Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (60-61).

Dancercize Try-It – Brownie girls learn how to dance their way to fitness as they learn all about dance.

GSUSA (2000) “Dancercize”. Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts (24-25).

Eat Right, Stay Healthy Try-It – Reading labels, being a smart shopper, and learning to eat a balanced diet are all activities for this Brownie Try-It.

GSUSA (2000) “Eat Right, Stay Healthy”. Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts (26-27).

GirlSports Try-It – Girl can learn to stretch, throw, catch, kick, volley and strike as they earn this Brownie Try-It.  They can actually get fit while they earn.

GSUSA (2000) “GirlSports Try-It”. Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts (28-29).

Healthy Habits Try-It – Visiting a doctor, nurse or dentist, taking care of your teeth and identifying foods with calcium, why smoking is a bad habit, why asking works and a game about feelings are all part of this Brownie Try-It.

GSUSA (2000) “Healthy Habits Try-It”. Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts (32-35).

My Body Try-It – This Brownie Try-It goes into more in-depth science about the human body.  Girls learn about how different parts of the body work including the brain, the heart, other muscles, pulse and exercised to keep their body in shape.

GSUSA (2000) “My Body Try-It”. Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts (44-47).

Sports and Games Try-It – Skating, bicycling, swimming, and games are part of this Try-It.  This is a fun and active Try-It.

GSUSA (2000) “Sports and Games Try-It”. Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scout (52-53).


Junior Girl Scouts

Dealing with Feelings – What to do when something bad or sad happens and how to share your feelings with others are part of this program section for Junior girls related to emotional health.

GSUSA (2001) “Dealing with Feelings”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (46-47).

Caring for Your Body – Caring for your face, your teeth, sun safety and your hair are discussed in detail in this program section. 

GSUSA (2001) “Caring for Your Body” Junior Girl Scout Handbook (49-51).


Hair Crazy – Changing hairstyles and instructions for different hairstyles with illustrations are included.

GSUSA (2001) “Hair Crazy”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (52-53).

Liking Yourself – Girls learn about and discuss what is beautiful, photos in the media and weight checking in this section about beauty and healthy self-esteem.

GSUSA (2001) “Liking Yourself”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (56-57).

Cigarettes, Drugs & Alcohol Aren’t Cool – Avoiding harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol and marijuana as an important part of personal safety and good health is the information and facts covered in this program for Junior girls.

GSUSA (2001) “Cigarettes, Drugs & Alcohol Aren’t Cool”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (100-102).

Be Healthy Be Fit – The importance of exercise, games from other countries, sports fun, nutrition tips, recipes and stress busters are all part of this fun chapter of the Junior Handbook.  Information and activities are all focused on the fun of being healthy and staying fit.

GSUSA (2001) “Be Healthy Be Fit”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (104-127).

Let’s Get Outdoors – Ideas for outdoor fun and basics of outdoor safety are introduced.

GSUSA (2001) “Let’s Get Outdoors”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (128-129).

Make Your Hike Fun – Different types of hikes and games to play while hiking are listed.  Help your girls make their hike even more fun!

GSUSA (2001) “Make Your Hike Fun”. Junior Girl Scout Handbook (131).

Becoming a Teen Badge – The journey girls will make becoming a teenager is an exciting and challenging one.  This badge will help them find the people and resources to guide them on their journey.

GSUSA (2001) “Becoming a Teen”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (30-31).

Being My Best Badge – When you have a good opinion of yourself, you take positive risks and avoid negative ones.  Reading the “Be Healthy Be Fit” chapter of the Junior Girl Scout Handbook is part of the activities to earn this badge.

GSUSA (2001) “Being My Best”.  Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (32-33).

Looking Your Best Badge – These activities will help girls learn how to look their best.  Personal hygiene, aerobic activities, skin care secrets, hairstyles and healthy snacks are just some of the healthy lifestyle fun that is part of this badge.

GSUSA (2001) “Looking Your Best”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (38-39).

Adventure Sports Badge – Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and other adventure sports are explored.  Girls learn the skills to do them safely.

GSUSA (2001) “Adventure Sports”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (68-69).

Court Sports Badge – Explore sport that are played on a court such as basketball, tennis and volleyball.  Learn about these ports, improve your skill and get in the game!

GSUSA (2001) “Court Sports”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (70-71).

Food Power Badge – Score some points for good nutrition by doing this badge.  Keeping a food record, understanding food labels, brainstorming healthy foods, and reviewing school lunch menus are just some of the activities designed to redirect poor eating habits.

GSUSA (2001) “Food Power”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (76-77).

Fun and Fit Badge – Start your fitness routine with this badge.  You can be fit by making the right choices every day and by adding fun exercises to your week.

GSUSA (2001) “Fun and Fit”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (78-79).

A Healthier You Badge – Develop good habits now for a fun and healthy life.  How to stay healthy and how to spread and share health information.

GSUSA (2001) “A Healthier You”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (80-81).

Stress Less Badge – Being stressed out stinks!  Find out about some of the ways you can relax for good mental health.

GSUSA (2001) “Stress Less”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (86-87).

Winter Sports Badge – Fill your winter will adventure, fun and fitness with this badge.

GSUSA (2001) “Winter Sports Badge”. Junior Girl Scout BadgeBook (90-91).


Girl Scouts 11-17

From Fitness to Fashion Interest Project – This interest project takes you from personal fitness to the exciting world of fashion and will help girls develop their own style.

GSUSA (1997) “From Fitness to Fashion”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (28-29).

From Stress to Success Interest Project – In this interest project girls will learn about sources of stress, how to manage it and even how to turn it into a positive asset!

GSUSU (1997) “From Stress to Success”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (30-31).

The Food Connection Interest Project – Learn more about making healthy food choices in this interest project.

GSUSA (1997) “The Food Connection”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (60-61).

Women’s Health Interest Project – Completing this interest project will help girls become informed about their body so they can enjoy good health today and tomorrow.

GSUSA (1997) “Women’s Health”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (82-83).

Backpacking Interest Project – Become familiar with the minimal impact camping principles.

GSUSA (1997) “Backpacking”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (150-151).

Games for Life Interest Project – Team up and have fun will learning the lessons of fair play, competition, skill development and self-confidence in this interest project.

GSUSA (1997) “Games for Life”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (156-157).

High Adventure Interest Project – Learn about taking safety precautions and working with others to achieve a common goal.  High adventure challenge courses are part of this project.

GSUSA (1997) “High Adventure”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (158-159).

On the Court Interest Project – Learning to play a new sport or becoming more adepts at one you already love can enable you to meet people with similar interest and become physically fit.  Meeting new people and career exploration are also part of this sports interest project.

GSUSA (1997) “On the Court”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (162-163).

On the Playing Field Interest Project – Playing on an athletic team is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging.  The value of cooperation, teamwork and dedication to a goal are all part of the get fit and have fun interest project.

GSUSA (1997) “On the Playing Field”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (164-165).

Paddle, Pole, and Roll Interest Project – For the water babies, this interest project has many activities with canoeing and kayaking.

GSUSA (1997) “Paddle, Pole and Roll”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (170-171).

Rolling Along Interest Project – In-line skating, skateboarding and cycling are three great ways to around and get healthy.

GSUSA (1997) “Rolling Along”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (172-173).

Smooth Sailing Interest Project – Sailing brings you into harmony with the wind and the water; the craft and the crew.  Learn to pull together with others under sail.

GSUSA (1997) “Smooth Sailing” Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (174-175).

Sports for Life Interest Project – Learn about the physical and mental benefits of sports for a lifetime and how to make time for sports in your busy life.

GSUSA (1997) “Sports for Life” Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (176-177).

Water Sports Interest Project – To do this interest project, you must pass a swimming test in front of a lifeguard, jump into the water fully clothed, right yourself and stay afloat for five minutes.  Safety Wise references are listed in the publications.

GSUSA (1997) “Water Sports Interest Project”. Interest Projects for girls 11-17 (178-179).

Cadette Girl Scouts

What is Self-Esteem – Activities to help girls recognize their strengths and activities for girls to get others to help them recognize their strengths are part of this program activity.

GSUSA (1995) “What is Self-Esteem”. Cadette Girl Scout Handbook (46-53).

Good Health in Action – Being aware of physical and emotional changes, a guide to daily food choices, eating the right foods, health alerts about sex, STDs AIDS, Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol and tips for becoming an activist for a healthy less stressful file are all part of this program for older girls.

GSUSA (1995) “Good Health in Action”.  Cadette Girl Scout Handbook (60-64).

Communication – Talking and listening and identifying your feelings are part if this program about communications and feelings.

GSUSA (1995) “Communication”. Cadette Girl Scout Handbook (73-75).

Life Success Skill #2: Handling Stress – Identifying stressful situations and the stress scale help girls understand different levels of stress and how to handle them.

GSUSA (1995) “Life Success Skill #2: Handling Stress”. Cadette Girl Scout Handbook (88-89).

Sports and Outdoor Pursuits – The legacy of women in sports is explored.  This program also takes a look at the benefits of playing on a team, leadership, planning, and how to choose a physical activity.

GSUSA (1995) “Sports and Outdoor Pursuits”. Cadette Girl Scout Handbook (117-124).

Senior Girl Scouts

Health and Well-Being – Inside and Out – This full chapter of the Senior Resource Guide explores women’s health issues, alcohol abuse and its affect on women, smoking, drug abuse, automobile accidents and other health risks for teens.  The chapter also discusses a positive approach to risks through activities such as a wellness fair.  The chapter also includes information on mental health and stress and caress in health.  This is a “must read” for all Senior Girls.

GSUSA (1995) “Health and Well-Being – Inside and Out” A Resource Book for Senior Girl Scouts (29-64).

Recreation and Leisure – Sports safety tips, the effects of sports on your psychological well-being by fostering confidence and even volunteering in sports are discussed in this older-girl program for Senior Girl Scouts. 

GSUSA (1995) “Recreation and Leisure”.  A Resource Book for Senior Girl Scouts (127-129).

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