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With the Girl Scout Cookie activity, just a little time together
goes a long way toward helping your Girl Scout reach her
learning and sales goals. Here are some important ways you
can guide your Girl Scout to cookie success!
1. Make sure your Girl Scout is a registered member of Girl Scouts of the USA for the current Girl Scout membership year.
2. Attend troop/group cookie training with your Girl Scout to help her learn about the cookies and how to set and reach her goals.
3. Encourage your Girl to complete the Catch Goals activity in the CookiEZone. Assist her with setting a personal goal.
4. Remind her to make a telephone or email list of her friends and relatives to contact. She can create and send ecards in the Online Cookie Marketing section of the CookiEZone.
5. Discuss Cookie Activity Safety Guidelines.
6. Coach her in selling techniques, including how to share her goals, and suggest additional reasons to purchase cookies.
7. Accompany your Girl Scout to support her as she sells.
8. Discuss how you can help her reach her goals, such as giving rides when she needs them or safeguarding her cookie money. Remember, closing the sale is her responsibility.
9. Allow your Girl Scout to participate in a booth sale and vounteer to help.
10. Check on her progress during the sale. Help her live by the Girl Scout Promise and Law, recognizing how it applies to business ethics throughout the activity.
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